M.A. Silva Corks, USA

About Us
Roots in the old country
Our partner, M. A. Silva Cortiças, is a family-run company with three manufacturing facilities in Portugal and a global distribution network. The M. A. Silva family has a 40-year history of producing fine premium wine corks. They are recognized as innovators at the forefront of cork processing technology.


All our cork is sourced from trees under exclusive contract to M. A. Silva. Long-term collaboration with growers is the first step in operations that are 100% vertically integrated. This ensures complete control and Certified Quality through all aspects ofproduction, from the moment the trees are peeled to the delivery of finished, customized corks to our North American customers. We are the only wine cork producer that maintains such strict, documented oversight.

M. A. Silva USA serves the North American market from our headquarters in Northern California. Built in 2006, our facility houses a full service mechanical and organolepic test lab. We are proud to continue the Silva family’s traditions of high quality, outstanding service, and environmentally sound practices.

Our staff, in collaboration with researchers across Europe and the United States, has developed some of the most technically advanced cork processing facilities and equipment in use today. Our efforts, a combination of forest management, technology, processes and training, have all but eliminated TCA and other off-aromas. More than simply removing chemical impurities, our focus on quality maximizes the beauty and performance of the natural cork.

M. A. Silva supplies discriminating wine producers around the globe, with sales agents in six continents and production and finishing facilities in Portugal, the U.S., Australia, Brazil, Chile, France and Spain.


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