Welcome to The Cork Board

Megan Hoberg - September 2, 2016

Hello fellow wine lovers!

Welcome to The Cork Board.  I recently nominated myself to start this blog for the Lake County Winery Association.  Surprisingly, nobody objected.  I’m no expert on wine (or anything for that matter), but I do consume quite a bit of it and I’ve been fortunate enough to live and breathe Lake County Wines for several years now.  I’ve worked in multiple tasting rooms and have a fairly good grasp on what’s happening around the Lake.

My intent in starting this blog is to share some of the exciting things that are going on around the county and to encourage visitors and locals to explore this thriving wine country that has so much to offer.  I’ve lived in Lake County for seven years now and have fallen madly in love with this place I call home.  The natural beauty, the incredible wines, and the kind hearted people have stolen my heart and I hope that I can provide a glimpse into what makes Lake County such a special place.

I’ve noticed a change in the winery scene over the past summer.  A lot of fun, innovative, and extremely positive things are happening in Lake County right now, but much of it has been overshadowed by the wildfires in 2015 and sadly, again in 2016.  Many people suffered in these devastating fires, losing their homes and businesses.  But Lake County and the people that live here are strong, resilient and determined to rebuild. 

The media coverage reported on the fires and destruction, but most people are unaware of what still remains and the growth that we are achieving.  I’ve noticed fewer tasting room visitors along with this increase in concern about the state of our county.  We are grateful to know that so many people were worried about us, but we want to stress the fact that most Lake County wineries not only survived but we’re open for business and want to have you come and visit us!  Hope to see you soon!

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