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I was born in Tejaro Michoacan, Mexico. I graduated from college in 1987 with a major in Business Administration. After two years I moved to California and When I first came, if somebody had said to me that I was going to be making wine I would have probably laugh at them. Today 23 years later ... well... I'M MAKING WINE!!!!! And I just love it!

It was 1990 when I met Kathy, it was her that would offer me my first winery job.Kathy took me in and showed me the beauty of wine making, you know the dragging of the hoses around the cellar, the never ending cleaning and sanitation of every piece of equipment needed for wine production, lots of fun if you ask me. She also showed me that wine was to be nurtured, loved and desired.

I fell in love with wine. So I stuck around for a few years until Jed Steele hired me as his Cellar Master for his newly acquired winery in Kelseyville. The year was 1996 and I was thrilled to be working for him. Under Jed's tutelage I took several courses at U C DAVIS in basic wine making, but my real school was the winery and Jed was my perfect teacher. I worked for him till 2004. I have been his Assistant Winemaker for the past 3 years by then. When I left Steele Wines, I knew then that it was my time to fly solo.

I got my first job as a winemaker in a nearby winery only half a mile down from Jed. Now after all this time and I'm working on my own wine label. I'm happy to say that my first vintage will be available in 2013 and it will include A Napa Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, A Napa Merlot 2010, A Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 Lake County, a Zinfandel 2010 Lake County, a Sauvignon Blanc 2011 Lake County and a Viognier 2011 Lake County. I'm sure that without a doubt you will find your new favorite in our wines...cheers. Miguel Angel...



Address: 165 North Main Street / Lakeport / 95453



Phone: 707 245-1278