Lake County Winery Association

Domaine Helena


Since André Guéziec acquired the Domaine in the first days of 2022, he has relied upon his French roots and his upbringing among Alsace wines to influence the farming operations, maintenance and winemaking.

Domaine Helena has consequently undertaken an Organic transition, and wines are trending towards less alcohol in the French style, so that they can be better enjoyed in a meal amongst family and friends and paired with varied favorite dishes.

Mixing the purest water and air with soil having just the right amount of volcanic richness,  and situated at the base of the mountainous Napa and Lake County divide with abundant seasonal rainfall, the Vineyards own old and rare California rights to harvest and store this pure water for irrigating the entire vineyard without the use of well water.

Growing in a perfect microclimate at 1,100 feet the vines produce concentrated berries with a fresh and rich flavor and ideal skins for color development. Hot days and cooler nights with mountain breezes allow for steady maturation and delicious results. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our caring labor from the Domaine Helena and the Mt St. Helena Vineyards teams.

Domaine Helena grows and markets renowned Red wine grapes and crafts limited estate wines.

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