Lake County Winery Association

Mt. Konocti Winery


Mt. Konocti Winery originates from family pear farmers who joined together in 1926 as the Lake County Fruit Exchange, an agricultural cooperative. From that day forward, Lake County Fruit Exchange operated as one of the major processor, packer and marketers for Lake County and Mendocino County pear farmers.

In 1976, the Lake County Fruit Exchange changed their name to Mt. Konocti Growers, to better reflect the local farmers the cooperative was serving.

In 2004, Mt. Konocti Growers expanded into the wine industry, providing services for wine making, custom crush, barrel storage, case storage and vineyard management.

In 2007, the Carpenter Family, Gayaldo Family and Oldham Family – all members of Mt. Konocti Growers – began bottling wines under the Mt. Konocti Winery label. The facility offers a 58-degree Barrel Room Event Center and a smaller tasting room for a more personal tasting experience.

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