Stacy Slinkard, January 8, 2024

Andy Beckstoffer has spent the last five decades cultivating North America’s most iconic vineyards and transforming Northern California’s vibrant viticultural scene. Celebrated as the grower behind California’s most coveted Cabernets, Beckstoffer has built a legendary portfolio of premium vineyards. Stacy Slinkard meets Andy to discuss his background, his pioneering belief in Napa terroir and recent pursuit of excellence in Lake County.

With nearly 1,600 hectares under vine in Napa Valley, Mendocino County and Lake County, Beckstoffer has been dubbed ‘Napa’s most powerful grape grower’ by the Wall Street Journal. Beckstoffer Vineyards weighs in as California’s single largest private grower.

Laser-focused on growing premium California Cabernet Sauvignon block by block, Andy Beckstoffer insists that ‘great California Cabernet grows north of the San Francisco Bay’. Backing this assertion with an ambitious vision, Beckstoffer Vineyards currently cultivates 400 hectares in Napa Valley, 485ha in Mendocino, and more recently, 650ha in Lake County.

 ‘Lake County is the next place for premium California Cabernet’ – Andy Beckstoffer

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Photo caption: Napa icon Andy Beckstoffer

Credit: Beckstoffer Vineyards